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Thanks for visiting us here on the web. On this website, we have all of the information that you will need pertaining to our pest control services.

Our Region

We service most places in the state of Virginia. We have several locations throughout the state, but our headquarters are in the greater DC area (Arlington, to be specific).

Our Mission

Here at Zap Pest Control Virginia, the customer is our number one priority. This means that we will go out of our way to provide quality and friendly service to our clients. This is because we recognize the time and effort that you spent earning money to use for our services.

Many of our customers end up coming back to us for any other pest issues that they may have just because they like having us over so much!

If you contact us, we can guarantee that you won’t regret it!


Here you can find a list of some of the services that we offer at Zap Pest Control. All of our services are performed by skilled trained technicians, many of whom came from Bez Valley Pest Control. You can read about these services in detail on the other pages of this website.

Termite Control

One of the greatest dangers to a house is termites. These little buggers can compromise the structural integrity of your house and put you at risk of being unsafe. As a result, we think that it is absolutely necessary that everyone get at the very least one termite inspection a year. We offer inspection services as well as extermination services if we do find that you have termites. Call us to set up an inspection appointment today!

Ant Control

Another major pest that we find in our houses all of the time is ants. While this may seem harmful, an ant infestation can also compromise the structural integrity of your house as well as bring harmful diseases into your household. This can put your health at risk. As with the termite services, we also offer inspections at a very low cost. In addition to extermination measures, we also have some preventative services that you can get to keep ants out of your home.

Mosquito Control

This is a new addition to our line of services. For a long time, we didn’t know how to help our customers who complained about mosquitoes. After all, our highly trained technicians mainly specialize in house pests and not necessarily yard pests. However, with some research and hiring of new specialists, we can now proudly say we offer mosquito control. The process is actually very easy. If you call us, we will come to your house and locate the areas that have mosquito nests and eggs. Then, we will spray those areas with insecticide that targets the eggs and larvae of the mosquitoes. The good news is that our pesticides that we use are 100% organic friendly. We use natural agents that do not involve harmful research chemicals that are bad for the environment. We’ll be the buzzkill for any mosquito party that occurs on your property. Call us today!